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    Nutrition Month Celebration

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    The Doctor's Visit

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    Yoga Activity

PAREF Preschool

PAREF Preschools Inc. believes that parents are the primary educators of their children; hence, the preschool is envisioned to be founded on a close home-school collaboration. As in other PAREF schools, formation of parents, teachers and members of the community shall be incorporated in the preschool in order to achieve the total formation of its preschool enrollees.

PAREF Preschool, Inc.'s Mission is to be a unique Preschool System where a close collaboration between the parents and the school is highly emphasized in the total formation of the young children. It is a System that can be characterized as a Home Atmosphere School where children are given close, warm and highly personalized guidance from all school personnel. One imporant hallmark of PPSI is that as a Professionally-run School its management, teaching and other staff also receive continuous an integral human and spiritual formation. Personal and character formations are integrated with professsional advancement to ensure the holistic progress of its students to which is PPSI's commitment.

PAREF Preschools, Inc.'s Vision is to provide every family in its school community the proper foundation for the intellectual, spiritual, and personal formation of the preschool children. In pursuit of this mission, it aims to provide a preschool experience that enhances eargerness and love for learning in a child. It initiates the practice of human virtues proper to his/her development stage and to his dignity as a child of God through the tutorial and mentoring system and other means of formation.

Thus, PPSI hopes to give its students, the preschool boys & girls the preparation to the same PAREF education of "a balanced and demanding academic and personal formation of its students, so that they live according to the Christian deal".